Firearm Holsters At FK BRNO

Thermo-Molded Polymer Holster

Semi-Universal Light/Laser Bearing Holster

Level 2 Retention

Firearm is secured in place with a retention screw and single-stage thumb safety with rotating strap (Vega Push & Front).

Adjustable velcro/nylon/rubber section for various light and/or laser configurations on firearm.

Belt attachment system with adjustable height and angle.

Sight guide channel for optimum protection and ease of draw.

Left and Right handed configurations available.

Compatible with all Vega Holster rigs and devices.

  • Vega Push & Front
  • Retention screw
  • Thermo molding
  • Left and Right hand configuration
  • The barrel-sight guide

T.A.C.S. LINE (Tactical Adaptable Carrier System)

Rubber-Coated Injection Molded Polymer Holster

Level 1 Retention (Level 2 Optional)

Universal holster designed to fit all compact and full sized handguns.

Firearm is held in place by the tension of an adjustable bungie.

Secondary bungie can be affixed onto holster for additional safety at the rear of the firearm.

Ambidextrous design for easy change between left and right handed mounting.

Both included mounting harnesses are height and angle adjustable.

Capable of being mounted onto either a belt or Molle system.

Rubber-Coated Injection Molded Polymer Magazine Carrier

Level 1 Retention

Universal carrier designed to fit virtually any handgun magazine.

Magazine is held in place by the tension of an adjustable elastic string.

Capable of being mounted onto a belt, Molle system, or other Vega Holster devices.